Dear Other Mom:   Boy, has it been a busy week at Camp America.  I can’t believe I’ve been here only 5 days and I’ve done so much.   First of all, let me say that my new mom and dad CAN speak Canadian.  When I jumped on the coffee table, they say “Eh!”, when I climbed up and over the couch, they say “Eh!”.  When I chase the cat, they say “Eh!”  They didn’t watch me after eating and I pottyied right in front of the heater,  and they said “Eh!”, I think I should have said it to them!  I haven’t done that again though.   My new best friend is “Chip”.  I didn’t like him at first because he’s big and red, but he told me he’s only 6 months older than me.  He’s a VIZZZLLLLA.   Here is my impression of him:                 He tells me I am supposed to do this when I see a bird. They have lots of strange things here.  In the daytime I go outside with my friends Huey and Dory.  Dory loves me, she cleans my face as soon as I eat.   Their food is really tasty here, they keep trying to give me the food you have, but I hold out and eat like the big dogs.  They even put big dog food in with my kibble, but I showed them what a big girl I was and picked around it.   When they feed the big dogs, I take away Dory’s food if they don’t give me good stuff too.   When we go out to see Dory and Huey, they have some funny looking things that butt me with their heads when I tried to chase them.   They only did it once, but now I really leave them alone.  They have bells on their necks and aren’t much bigger than me, but they eat all the bushes instead of the good meat.  My new mom said someday they will move in with me to keep my area clean, but I think they are dirty, so try to clean up the raisins that keep falling out of their butts.   Yesterday we went to an elementary school where they have kids my size.  They are in kindergarten too!   My new mom said we were in the dog and pony show.   My friend, Huey, gave rides to the Prin-C-Ball, and some other kids.  I wanted to help him pull them, but new dad said I was too little, so I just got belly rubs.  There were 425 kids there, and everybody wanted to pet me, but they only let a few.   My new dad didn’t get any pictures of me, because he was holding my hand the whole time. Before we went though, my new mom gave me a B-A-T-H.  There was lots of water and soap, and something that blew air on me.  I showed her how much I didn’t like it, by getting her just as wet as she got me, and I didn’t speak to her for the rest of the night.  New dad let me climb on his side of the couch and cuddle with him. Last night a nice girl named Beckie and her husband Greg came to see me.  They brought a thing that they called Bailey.  Bailey is black and white, but has a squished nose.  I think it’s cause she hits the wall to hard.  She kept chasing the ball they would throw really fast and running, so I would chase her and my friend Chip would chase me, and Bailey’s dad Norm would chase him.  We must have been bad because everyone kept crying  and shaking and holding their sides.  When Bailey would stop she didn’t smell so good cause she passes gas a-lot.  Maybe that’s why she doesn’t have a pretty nose like me.   Well, it’s almost time for my bedtime and my beauty sleep.  Last night I got to have a sleepover with my friend Chip in his crate.  I let my New mom and dad know that he kept kicking me, and so I barked until he put his feet on his side of the bed.  I attached some pictures from my photo shoot with my New dad, cause he said I look Bee-You-Tee Full.   Next week I get to go to Seattle to a Match.  They told me I am too young to get the prizes, cause you have to be four months old, but I know it’s just cause they don’t want me to take ALL of them.  I thought I heard New Dad say it was in WASH-ing-Ton, and they better not try to WASH me up there!   Hope everybody up there is good in the great white North.  I’ll try to write again soon.   Love Gemma