Our Mission

Shadow Mountain Saint Bernards strives to produce a limited quantity of quality Saint Bernards to promote the Saint Bernard Breed – taking into account temperament, genetic health characteristics of the breed and the welfare of the puppy that is produced.   We are the first AKC Breeders of Merit in Saint Bernards!

Shadow Mountain Saint Bernards

Kennel History and Philosophy

In the late 1980’s, Paul and Karen Bodeving rescued a Saint Bernard puppy that was covered in grease and oil and had been beaten.  After our neutered “Burnie” died at an early age, Paul and Karen Bodeving bought their first “purebred” puppy.

Paul and Karen Bodeving became co-owners and learned from other breeders until they opened their own kennel: Shadow Mountain Saint Bernards.

Shadow Mountain Saint Bernards is located in the beautiful Rogue Valley – Cave Junction, Oregon, USA, in what is generally considered to be one of the nicest rural areas in Oregon to live in.

The breeding philosophy of Shadow Mountain Saint Bernards is to produce only outstanding dogs.  All our breedings are done to promote the welfare of the breed and to provide us with a better Saint Bernard.

All of our dogs are bred to the Saint Bernard Standards as promulgated by the AKC (American Kennel Club) and the WUSB (World Union of Saint Bernards).  We pride ourselves on breeding gentle giants with wonderful temperaments.

The kennel activity shows at AKC shows, Saint Specialty Shows, and at International Shows (International All Breed Canine Association) and the UCI (Union Cynologique International).

Our Saint Bernards are also used for weight pulling, carting, and agility, as well as earn titles of Canine Good Citizen, as we believe that a good Saint Bernard has to be an all around dog.

CH Shadow Mtn Lady Lumberjack, WP (Mom), CH Shadow Mtn Playboy Atlarge Reema, WPS (Dad), Shadow Mtn Saving Grace, Shadow Mtn Sam I Am, Shadow Mtn Simply Irresistible

CH Shadow Mtn Lady Lumberjack, WP (Mom), CH Shadow Mtn Playboy Atlarge Reema, WPS (Dad), Shadow Mtn Saving Grace, Shadow Mtn Sam I Am, Shadow Mtn Simply Irresistible

The Bodevings on average, travel once every 18 months to Europe and visit European breeders.  Many times they bring back an animal as well.  The Bodevings also actively participate with US breeders that they consider to have outstanding dogs with excellent temperaments.

In order to keep the bloodlines true, many of our dogs have been directly imported from Europe.  Shadow Mountain Saint Bernards is constantly striving to breed the ideal Saint Bernard and believes that fresh bloodlines, carefully selected to meet our requirements and needs are the best way to achieve this goal.

All four of the Bodevings are active members of the Saint Bernard Club of America.  Karen served for the last 4 years as  President of the Saint Bernard Club of America, and is the former Recording Secretary  and Working Dog Chair, Paul presently serves as Vice President of the Saint Bernard Club of America and was the 2009 Show Chairman and Former Fancier Editor, and Dani started the SBCA Juniors Program.  They are also former members of the “Saint Bernard Club of Germany,” Saint Bernard Club of Luxembourg.   They are Founding members of the Saint Bernard Club of Southern Oregon  and current members the Pacific Coast, the Saint Bernard Club of Puget Sound.  Both Paul and Karen are past presidents of the Rogue Valley Kennel Club and all are still current members.

Paul and Karen are also AKC Conformation judges (Saints) and AKC Junior Showmanship judges,  as well as SBCA Saint Bernard Weight pull judges and Paul serves as the ROGUE VALLEY KENNEL CLUB DELEGATE to the AKC.

We got into dog showing as a way to do things with our daughters and get away from the office.  Both girls have gone through the AKC Jr Showmanship programs and are now grown and moved out, althought they both still participate with the dogs.  Dani has graduated from OSU in Biology/Chemistry with an Animal Science Minor, and is now the practice manager of a Certified Public Accoutant Practice in Grants Pass. Dani and her husband Jason Duby branched out into BLUE TICK COONHOUND and are the proud breeder of the 204 #1 Bluetick Coonhound in the US.   Beckie is now happily married to Greg Osterman after finishing her degree in Business/ Accounting. They reside in Eugene, and in her spare time handles dogs on the weekends both for us, and dog clients.   We both have active “real” jobs (Paul is a Real Estate Appraiser and Karen is a CPA), but the dog life has snowballed on us and been a wonderful way to spend time with family, travel extensively, meet new friends and of course, have fun with our dogs in many different venues.

We only sell our dogs to approved homes and provide follow up advice and help to our buyers.  All of our dogs are sold on a written contract, guaranteeing to us that in the event the owner can no longer care for the animal, it WILL be returned to us.  All of our dogs are guaranteed for genetic hip problems, provided our feeding schedule and care instructions are followed, as well as genetic epilepsy.  All puppies must be xrayed at age two, and the hip xrays need to be sent into the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, on a OPEN registration (if they pass or fail, the database is open).  This guarantee is in effect for what we hope are future champions, as well as for dogs that are sold as pets.